I have a few websites…
A440.xyz is where you can reach most of what I have going on.
Or, to go directly to one or the other….
SoundsGoodManRecords.com  is music of many different types, over 170 songs and 120 music videos and growing!
ABetterWorldWithSteveAndMusic.com is a collaborative project open to one and all and is focused on making songs and videos of peace, rights and sustainability.
NebulaMoon.com is unique art on canvas including some of the cover art for the music.
BeAGuitarPlayer.com is private guitar, bass, keyboard and recording lessons at my home studio, your home or via 2 way video.

For information covering custom works, art installations, to sign up for the newsletters which include exclusive offers and some freebies visit either site and contact through there.

Various other music and art related things are going on, please visit the sites I list here as time goes on or feel free to contact me or to get on the mailing list just email using the address below.

Email me at  collabsATgmx.com  just make sure to change the AT to the normal @ sign.

Thanks and Peace,